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How Helpr works?

Request for help

It’s totally free to ask us for help through any available channel.

Review options

We’ll confirm your request & quote the price to get it done. Or, we’ll present the options & you may make your choice.

Verify & pay

Only when you agree with the cost, we’ll send you a payment link to proceed with payment.

Help is on the way

We’ll keep you updated and inform you when it’s completed. Take it off your to-do-list.

We get anything you want


Gifts & Surprises

We suggest you ideas, help you purchase, deliver and surprise your loved one

Can you help me with what to buy for my anniversary gift, and where to celebrate?


Errands & Dispatch

We pay your bills and taxes, deliver your documents, and get your laundry done

Send my documents to my lawyer at city centre in next 30 mins.



We find and buy whatever you need, or even delivering a surprise for you

I need a yoga matt urgently for my class today, could you get me a good one?

Why should I get some Helpr?


Instant on-demand

No more waiting 3 days for your online shopping to arrive


Any kind of (legal)

Chore & menial tasks that you shouldn’t waste your time on


Send request via
any means

SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or even your trusty email

More answers

What is Helpr?
To put it simply, Helpr is a chat-based service that acts as your on-demand virtual assistant. Think of us like Jarvis to Tony Stark, except we're probably not as cool. Send us a text via FB Messenger/WhatsApp/SMS with any request you have and let us do the rest. It's that simple.
How safe it is?
We will send you a 128-bit encrypted HTTPS link via WhatsApp/SMS that you can enter your payment info. All payments are made via Billplz so that it’s safe and secured.
Where is Helpr available?
Anywhere in Malaysia. Delivery service subject to available areas.
How much does it cost?
It’s absolutely free to chat with us (SMS rates may apply). When you order something, we'll let you know the all-in price so you can confirm before being billed. There are no hidden fees as all item cost, shipping fees, surcharges, taxes and tips will be included.
How do I make payment and how do you know my personal data?
We’ll send you a payment link through our partner Billplz. We'll ask you for all required data to complete the order.
What is your operating hours?
Our operating hour is 9am to 7pm daily.

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